Tips For Preventing Loneliness In Seniors

Companion Care at Home Douglasville, GA: Preventing Loneliness

Loneliness is one of the problems that seniors who are aging in place often face. As seniors get older but stay in their own homes they may become isolated because of their distance from friends and family. But it doesn’t take much to make sure that your senior parent is thriving at home and not…

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How to Keep Your Seniors Life Fulfilling

Everyone should aspire to live the greatest life possible, and seniors have a unique chance to demonstrate how to achieve pleasure as they age. As your parents age, you will of course want to help them live the fullest life possible. You will want to ensure they have healthy lifestyle habits, make sure they’re eating…

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Top Brain Stimulation Games for the Elderly

24-Hour Home Care Douglasville, GA: Brain Stimulation Games

Are you looking for ways to help prevent dementia and other brain deterioration for your elderly loved one? If so, the best way to do that is for you and/or 24-hour home care providers to get your elderly loved one to play brain stimulation games. There are so many electronic brain improvement games out there…

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Best Ways for an Elderly Person to Challenge Themselves

Ongoing challenges in someone’s life can be stressful. However, when a person purposefully challenges themselves it can be a good thing. Research shows that regular challenges can help to improve brain functions, memory, happiness, and much more in a senior citizen’s life. As a family caregiver, read more here today about the best ways for…

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Why a Cat May Be a Good Choice for your Parent

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month. Have you been entertaining the idea of getting a cat for your parent to keep her company and provide companionship? Maybe this is the month to make that move and find the perfect cat for your parent. Picking up a cat from a local shelter will not only…

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