Why a Cat May Be a Good Choice for your Parent

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month. Have you been entertaining the idea of getting a cat for your parent to keep her company and provide companionship? Maybe this is the month to make that move and find the perfect cat for your parent. Picking up a cat from a local shelter will not only provide your parent some companionship, but also give a homeless cat a good, caring home. Most cats who are now in shelters have already lived in homes and most shelters guarantee that they’ll be caught up on vaccinations and any other health care needs. You can also easily find older cats in shelters, which may have the energy level that is more compatible for your parent.

If you’re looking for other good reasons why a cat could be a great pet for your parent, here are five wonderful reasons to consider!

  • Cats are low maintenance.

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    With a cat, your parent doesn’t need to worry about grooming it or taking care of its personal hygiene. Cats do that all on their own. Many breeds of cats require far less visits to the vet, and some vets will even do at-home yearly visits to make it even easier for your parent to provide routine care for her animal. And when guests come over, such as elder care providers or family, most cats are calm about visitors. Your parent won’t have a dog barking for 10 minutes with every noise it hears!

  • Cats don’t need structured exercise.
    While almost every breed of dog needs to go out for a walk, cats can find their own way to exercise around the home. Help your parent set up a cat tower or other climbing apparatus and her cat will be more than happy to get its exercise that way.
  • Cats don’t need to go outside to go to the bathroom.
    This is especially important if your parent doesn’t have a fenced yard or lives in an apartment, where taking a dog outside can be several long walks each day. And if the weather is freezing or rain is pouring down, it won’t matter to a cat who will simply find its litterbox when the need arises. If cleaning a litterbox is perhaps a bit daunting for your parent, having her elder care provider empty it each visit is an easy option.
  • Cats love being indoors and are easier to leave at home.
    If your parent has a day trip somewhere or a family get together, she can leave her cat at home without any worries. A cat won’t make her feel guilty for not bringing it with her to every event.
  • Cats make great companions.
    Cats love their people and enjoy quietly spending time with them, as well as playing little games and snuggling. They don’t fight or beg for unnecessary attention, but they just enjoy having their people around them.

Of course, there are cons to purchasing a cat for your parent as well and it’s important that you discuss those bullet points before you take the plunge into pet ownership for your parent. Perhaps take a tour of a local shelter before you decide to help both you and your parent to determine if having a feline companion is the perfect choice for her.

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Becky Back