Specialty Services

Personal Care

Personal care is the general term that is used by many home care/healthcare services when it comes to providing assistance with maintaining the client’s clean appearance.

These services are provided by one of our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). He or she can assist clients with:

  • Bathing, including bed baths 
  • Skincare 
  • Dressing up, getting ready to sleep 
  • Dental/oral care 
  • Grooming, such as applying makeup, brushing hair, shaving 
  • Specialized foot care, especially for diabetic patients 
  • Toileting for mobile and bed-bound patients 
  • Changing continence pads 
  • Mobility support, changing positions to avoid sores and aches 
  • Stoma or catheter bag maintenance and care

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Personal Care in Douglasville, GA

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Companion Care in Douglasville, GA

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Companion Care

Companion care, often known as companionship services, is a term coined by many non-medical care providers regarding the assistance of elderly clients with their daily activities.

These services are provided by one of our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) or Personal Care Aides (PCA). Generally, companion care aims to provide emotional support and socialization. However, companions may also help their elderly clients with tasks including:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Running errand
  • Planning and scheduling appointments
  • Transportation Meal preparation/assistance
  • Relaying to the family and other care team professionals about the client’s overall health progress

Skilled Nursing Care

When your loved ones have an illness, an injury, or are aging, then their conditions may call for the type of care that exceeds what you are capable of providing.

To help you in this scenario, Universal Home Care and Services, Inc., a home health care provider, offers skilled nursing care.

Through this service, our highly qualified professionals will provide your loved ones with quality care and assistance. This allows them to receive the care they need while they continue to live in the place they call home.

This service includes wound care, intravenous (IV) therapy, injections, catheter care, physical therapy, and monitoring of vital signs. These services are provided by one of our RNs or LPNs.

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Skilled Nursing Care in Douglasville, GA

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in Douglasville, GA

At first, you may notice just mild symptoms that have a minimal effect on daily life:

  • Short-term and long-term memory issues
  • Difficulty solving simple challenges
  • Struggles with regular, day-to-day activities
  • Forgets phrases begins mixing words
  • Loses items or becomes lost more frequently
  • Becomes confused about date, place or time
  • Confuses the names and identities of individuals

Eventually, each Alzheimer's disease patient will need supportive services to ensure their security and well-being.

Caring for Alzheimer's and Dementia Clients at Home

Like many households combating Alzheimer's, you want your aging loved-one to stay at home for as long as possible.

The Right Alzheimer's Home Care for Your Aging Loved-One and Your Family

Home care allows your loved-one to stay in the home, in an environment which they are familiar and comfortable with. The only change will be getting to know your caregivers. They may even become the best of friends!

Universal Home Care and Service can provide affordable home care, in the majority of circumstances, at each stage of disease progression and throughout the end-of-life, together with other medical providers.

If you are ready to explore a better option for Alzheimer’s Home Care, call us today at 678-426-2701 or email [email protected] for further queries about this service.

Alzheimer’s Home Care

Universal Home Care and Service is a top In-Home Alzheimer's Care provider working to make the world a better place for seniors with memory-loss issues and dementia.

We believe Alzheimer's & dementia sufferers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Our personalized plans and trained caregivers will ensure that you or your loved one is able to maintain their independence in the comfort of the place they call “home”.

Alzheimer’s disease can be a devastating diagnosis for families. As the number of older Americans grows rapidly, so too will the number of new and existing cases of Alzheimer's. By 2050, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s dementia may grow to a projected 13.8 million, barring the development of medical breakthroughs to prevent, slow or cure Alzheimer’s disease.

“More than 5 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer's. An estimated 5.8 million Americans age 65 and older are living with Alzheimer's dementia in 2020. Eighty percent are age 75 or older. One in 10 people age 65 and older (10%) has Alzheimer's dementia.”

Alzheimer’s Association.

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What is hospice support?

Hospice Support is for people who are nearing the end of life. The services are provided by a team of health care professionals who maximize comfort for a person who is terminally ill by reducing pain and addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. To help families, hospice care also provides counseling, respite care and practical support.

Unlike other medical care, the focus of Hospice Support isn't to cure the underlying disease. The goal is to support the highest quality of life possible for whatever time remains.

End-of-Life Care Services

When a patient is diagnosed with a limited life expectancy, the role of care often falls into the hands of the family. Universal Home Care and Service offers assistance and support so your family doesn’t have to shoulder these responsibilities alone.

Our caregivers offer a client-focused approach to hospice support. We ensure your loved one receives the individualized care that is right for their unique situation. Our team will provide hospice services like comfort, hygiene, companionship, and more — offering your family the assistance they need to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Comfort and Care

Hospice support offers your family the opportunity to enjoy the final days with your loved one. Life comes to an end for all of us. While we all will move on eventually, that doesn’t make the process any easier. Universal Home Care and Service offers compassionate, caring assistance to the people we serve, so they can spend their last days in comfort.

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Hospice Services in Douglasville, GA

Family Support and Respite

The end of life transition isn’t only difficult for the person experiencing it. Family members and others close to the patient often find themselves dealing with difficult emotions while trying their best to care for their loved ones. Universal Home Care and Service is here to help shoulder these responsibilities so you can spend this important time with your loved one.

Who Benefits from Hospice Care?

Hospice care is for a terminally ill person who's expected to have six months or less to live. But hospice care can be provided for as long as the person's doctor and hospice care team certify that the condition remains life-limiting.

Many people who receive hospice care have cancer, while others have heart disease, dementia, kidney failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Enrolling in hospice care early helps you live better and live longer. Hospice care decreases the burden on family, decreases the family's likelihood of having a complicated grief and prepares family members for their loved one's death. Hospice also allows a patient to be cared for at a facility for a period of time, not because the patient needs it, but because the family caregiver needs a break. This is known as respite care.

Where is Hospice Care Provided?

Most hospice care is provided at home — with a family member typically serving as the primary caregiver. However, hospice care is also available at hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and dedicated hospice facilities.