Top Brain Stimulation Games for the Elderly

Are you looking for ways to help prevent dementia and other brain deterioration for your elderly loved one? If so, the best way to do that is for you and/or 24-hour home care providers to get your elderly loved one to play brain stimulation games. There are so many electronic brain improvement games out there today. However, there are some basic games that have been around for a long time that would be great for stimulating your elderly loved one’s brain, as well.

Playing Sudoku

One of the best brain stimulation games for the elderly is Sudoku. This game can help to stimulate your elderly loved one’s brain in numerous ways including:

24-Hour Home Care Douglasville, GA: Brain Stimulation Games

24-Hour Home Care Douglasville, GA: Brain Stimulation Games

  • Keeping their brain active
  • Using mathematics to figure out the solutions
  • Problem-solving
  • Different levels to challenge the brain further

If your elderly loved one has always been up for a challenge, you can even get them the more difficult Sudoku books to do. The good news is these books are easy to find and available in most stores. So, when your elderly loved one is almost done with one, you or an elder care provider can go get them another book.

Doing Crossword Puzzles

Your elderly loved one could truly benefit from doing crossword puzzles regularly, as well. There are so many crossword puzzles that are based on various topics. Some of the topics that can stimulate your elderly loved one’s brain while doing crossword puzzles include:

  • History
  • Science
  • Art
  • Daily inspiration
  • Lifestyle
  • Health

Depending on what crossword puzzle book your elderly loved one is doing, they may come across these topics or a range of other ones. Since there are so many of these books available, it is likely your elderly loved one will keep having new crossword puzzles to do.

Playing Other Games

There are numerous other games that are great for the elderly. Studies show that senior citizens who play these games regularly have better memory, focus and concentration. The games that can help with all these things and help to prevent dementia include:

  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Go
  • Go Fish
  • Boggle
  • Bridge
  • Online brain challenging video games

As you can see, even with this small list of games, there are so many different ways that your elderly loved one can keep their brain stimulated. If you want to find other games that you or a 24-hour home care provider can play with your elderly loved one, just look up the best brain stimulating games for senior citizens and many other games should come up.

If your elderly loved one needs to prevent dementia or just needs to keep their brain as active as possible for as long as they can, the games noted above are a great start. You or a 24-hour home care provider can play these games with your elderly loved one, as well. That way, you know whether they are still retaining information and you can see whether they are doing the puzzles and games well, too.

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Becky Back