Best Ways for an Elderly Person to Challenge Themselves

Ongoing challenges in someone’s life can be stressful. However, when a person purposefully challenges themselves it can be a good thing. Research shows that regular challenges can help to improve brain functions, memory, happiness, and much more in a senior citizen’s life. As a family caregiver, read more here today about the best ways for elderly people to challenge themselves.

Learning and Speaking a New Language

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One of the greatest ways for elderly people to challenge themselves is by learning and speaking a new language. If your elderly loved one has always been intrigued by a certain language, now is the time to help them learn it. Even if you don’t know a word in that language, there are many programs and websites that can teach your elderly loved one the language. Once your elderly loved one learns some words in that language, you should encourage them to speak them out loud. This can help them to better retain the information they learn. If you or one of their caregivers are interested, maybe you could learn the basic words with them, too.

Doing Genealogy Research

Another great way for your elderly loved one to challenge themselves is by doing genealogy research. There are so many benefits of doing this type of research. For one thing, your elderly loved one will need to learn computer skills. There are many websites they may need to log into and navigate. Doing this type of research will also encourage your elderly loved one to use their organizational skills. These are used to organize names and different sides of the family.

Playing a Musical Instrument

Does your elderly loved one enjoy a certain type of music? Maybe they have always loved country music. If this is the case, you or their caregivers may want to encourage them to play a musical instrument. If they do love country, you may want to get them an acoustic guitar. Just like with language learning, there are many programs and websites where your elderly loved one can learn to play an instrument.


These are just some of the best ways for elderly people to challenge themselves. Now that you know about these options, you should have your elderly loved one choose a way to challenge themselves this month. Even if your loved one doesn’t especially enjoy the option they choose, you should encourage them to stay committed for at least 21 days. This way, they can at least gain some knowledge regarding that challenge.

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Becky Back