Benefits Of Senior Home Health Care After a Heart Attack

After a Heart Attack: Home Health Care Douglasville GA

When seniors come home from the hospital after they have had a heart attack, they are not going to bounce right back to their normal day to day lives. It will take more recovery time at home for seniors to be well again. During that time seniors should have home health care. Home health care…

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What Can You Do for a Senior Who Is Battling Depression?

Depression is a serious problem for older adults. If your senior is dealing with depression, she may want to try handling it from a variety of angles.  Talk to Her Doctor about Possible Medical Causes Depression is a complicated ailment with a variety of causes both mental and physical. That’s why when your senior starts suspecting…

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Keep, Toss, or Store? Questions to Ask Your Mom as You Declutter Her Bedroom

Your mom’s bedroom is a wreck. She has clothing piled up on top of her dressers. She hasn’t changed her sheets in weeks. She has magazines, books, pillows, and body lotions placed all over the room. It’s time to declutter, but how do you get started? Start by deciding what goes and what stays.  Keep, toss,…

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