What Can You Do for a Senior Who Is Battling Depression?

Depression is a serious problem for older adults. If your senior is dealing with depression, she may want to try handling it from a variety of angles. 

Talk to Her Doctor about Possible Medical Causes

Home Care Douglasville, GA: Battling Depression

Depression is a complicated ailment with a variety of causes both mental and physical. That’s why when your senior starts suspecting that she’s facing depression her first stop should be her doctor’s office. Her doctor can take a look at physical possibilities and help her to determine if there’s anything that can be done medically.  

Look at Behaviors and Routines First 

Some of the things that your senior can do to manage depression can involve looking more closely at what she’s doing now and whether some of those routines and behaviors could be adjusted. For instance, if your senior isn’t sleeping well, that can lead to depression and then it becomes a vicious cycle. Just fixing her sleeping habits may not completely eradicate the depression, but it may be able to help her enough to find other solutions, too. 

Consider Physical Changes That Might Help 

Other physical changes might help, too. How your senior is eating, and when she’s eating, as well as how physically active she is makes a huge difference. This can be something that you talk about with her doctor, too. Her doctor can help you and your senior to put together a plan for exercising that suits her current abilities. Eating foods that are nutritionally dense gives her body nutrients that it needs to keep her healthy on all levels.  

Help Her to Find a Purpose for Each Day 

If your elderly family member is starting to feel a bit “why bother” about things like routines and healthy eating, she might benefit from feeling as if she has more of a purpose for each day. Hobbies can do that for your elderly family member, as can other activities, like volunteering. Talk to your senior about what she’s interested in trying. 

Bring in Home Care Providers 

Having someone helping your senior with tasks that have become more difficult over time can do a lot to help your senior’s depression, too. Many aging adults develop depression as life becomes more challenging for them because it’s a type of loss. Knowing that home care providers are there to help them can alleviate that frustration, because your senior isn’t struggling any longer. 

If some of these solutions don’t help as much as your senior would like, then talk therapy or even medications may be beneficial.  


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Becky Back