Keep, Toss, or Store? Questions to Ask Your Mom as You Declutter Her Bedroom

Your mom’s bedroom is a wreck. She has clothing piled up on top of her dressers. She hasn’t changed her sheets in weeks. She has magazines, books, pillows, and body lotions placed all over the room. It’s time to declutter, but how do you get started? Start by deciding what goes and what stays. 
Keep, toss, or store are all questions you need to ask her. Here’s the way to approach it to make things go smoothly. 
When Was the Last Time You Used It?

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Start by going through her items and finding out when she used it or wore it. If she has a dress that is too formal to wear more than every few years, it’s a good item to store until needed. It doesn’t need to be in her closet. It could be in a plastic container in the basement or attic storage. 
If she has a clock radio that hasn’t been used in years and is buried in other items, it’s probably not worth keeping it. That could be donated or sold in a yard sale. Clothes that are ripped or stained can be recycled at certain stores or recycling centers. You might also want to set them aside for dust rags or fabric squares if your mom enjoys quilting. 
What Doesn’t Fit? 
Once the items are sorted into what’s clean and what’s stained or ripped, go through and make sure that everything fits. If something doesn’t fit, it’s unlikely she’ll ever wear it again. Those items can be donated. 
What’s Outdated? 
Does your mom have lotions in her room? She may keep muscle pain relief cream next to the bed. Go through those bottles and see if anything has expired. If it has, it should be disposed of. 
If there are medicine bottles next to her bed, do the same. Consider placing them into a plastic container to keep everything together. 
Old magazines may be building up. Unless there is a crucial reason she needs it, they should be recycled. If she’s keeping a whole magazine for one recipe, cut it out, paste it into a journal, and start organizing them that way. 
Have you talked about having home care services every week? Caregivers can help your mom keep her house clean and organized. How? Home care services cover a range of daily chores, and housekeeping and laundry are two of the most helpful when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Call an agency to make arrangements. 


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Becky Back