Your Dad Often Falls Asleep Sitting Up – Should You Be Concerned?

Falling Asleep Sitting Up: Home Care Assistance Carrolton GA

You were recently in the middle of a meal with your dad where he began drifting off to sleep. You’re watching a movie and he falls asleep sitting up. This has become a concerning habit lately. He is getting older and although some older people just sleep more, should you be concerned? When Was His…

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Supporting Your Mom During Her Cancer Journey

Supporting Your Mom During Cancer

National Cancer Prevention Month falls in February. Many forms of cancer can be prevented or stopped when caught early. A colonoscopy can find colorectal cancer in the earliest stages while mammograms and breast ultrasounds detect the early stages of breast cancer. Encourage your mom to go for these tests. If your mom learns she has…

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National Family Caregivers Month

In honor of National Family Caregivers Month we’d like to say thank you to all of the our families who take on the difficult task of caring for their elderly or disabled loved one!

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Pneumonia Treatment Recommendations for the Elderly

If your elderly loved one does get pneumonia, you may be wondering how it will be treated. If your loved one doesn’t have a case that is too severe, their doctor might say it can be treated while your loved one is at home. The main goal is to have your elderly loved one get…

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