Your Dad Often Falls Asleep Sitting Up – Should You Be Concerned?

Falling Asleep Sitting Up: Home Care Assistance Carrolton GA

Falling Asleep Sitting Up: Home Care Assistance Carrolton GA

You were recently in the middle of a meal with your dad where he began drifting off to sleep. You’re watching a movie and he falls asleep sitting up. This has become a concerning habit lately.

He is getting older and although some older people just sleep more, should you be concerned?

When Was His Last Check-Up?

Has your dad been to see his doctor lately? If his last check-up was over a year ago, it’s time for him to see his doctor. His doctor can rule out issues that cause sleepiness, such as a low heart rate, anemia, or other common health conditions.

His diet could be causing the notorious “carb crash” after lunch. He has a high-carb lunch. As his sugar levels start to come back down, he’s just sleepy. A balanced lunch with more fiber and fewer sugars can help.

If your dad is taking medications that cause drowsiness, his doctor might be able to prescribe something with fewer side effects. Or, your dad might be able to take those medications before bed instead of first thing in the morning.

There are more troubling causes of sudden sleepiness, such as a brain tumor, but there will be other symptoms, such as constant migraines. Make sure you discuss other symptoms you’ve noticed with the drowsiness to help your dad’s doctor rule things out.

Is He Experiencing Insomnia?

Insomnia is one of the most common reasons for an older adult to sleep throughout the day. If your dad is having a hard time falling asleep at night or staying asleep until morning, it could be making it hard for him to stay awake during the day.

The problem becomes circular. He’s sleeping in the afternoon, which makes him less tired at night. But, he’s not sleeping through the night, so he’s tired during the day.

How do you get him past the insomnia aspect? Start by making sure he’s active during the day. When he’d usually be ready for a nap, have him get up and join you for a walk outside. If you can’t go outside due to the weather, play a game or try a new hobby.

You could purchase some canvas paper and paints and try to learn how to paint. There are dozens of instructional video programs on platforms like YouTube that can help you get started. Watch old Bob Ross videos if you want.

What If You’re Unavailable?

If your dad is napping too much, it’s time to get him up and active in the afternoon. You have to work, so you can’t just drop everything to keep your dad awake. There’s a suitable option you might not be thinking of.

Home care assistance providers can accompany your dad on walks, engage with him, or help him set up the supplies for his favorite hobby. Arrange home care assistance services by making a call. An advisor can help you get started and better understand prices.

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