Pneumonia Treatment Recommendations for the Elderly

If your elderly loved one does get pneumonia, you may be wondering how it will be treated. If your loved one doesn’t have a case that is too severe, their doctor might say it can be treated while your loved one is at home. The main goal is to have your elderly loved one get the infection out of their body while keeping complications at bay. Pneumonia affects breathing and the lungs. Due to this fact, it is essential that your loved one gets the oxygen they need to fully recover from this condition. There are some pneumonia treatment recommendations that you and a home care provider can help your loved one to follow (if their doctor approves of doing). 


Home Care Carrollton, GA: Pneumonia Treatment Recommendations

Your elderly loved one’s body needs time to heal. Research shows that one of the ways that a body heals the best is through quality sleep and rest. You and your loved one’s home care provider should encourage them to lay down a lot, especially if they are feeling weak or if they spike a fever. When your elderly loved one is recovering, they should rest frequently. They can take a nap sometime in the afternoon. They can go to bed earlier than normal and/or sleep in later than they normally would. Be sure that your elderly loved one has a home care provider or someone else to help with household chores, errands, and meals. This way, your loved one can rest as much as they need.  

Staying Hydrated 

In order for your elderly loved one to get rid of the mucus build-up in their lungs, they will need to stay well-hydrated. You or the home care provider that is taking care of your loved one should make sure they have a lot of fluids. Lemon water and hot tea are great options. Both of these drinks can break up the mucus in your elderly loved one’s lungs. This can make it easier for your loved one to breathe.  

Doctor’s Orders Are a Must 

If your elderly loved one’s doctor orders anything, be sure it is followed. For instance, antibiotics are likely to be prescribed. You or the home care provider should be sure that your loved one is taking these as prescribed. The entire prescription should be taken, even if your loved one starts feeling better before it is through.  


These are some of the pneumonia treatment recommendations that your elderly loved should follow if they don’t need to stay in the hospital. If your elderly loved one is treating their pneumonia at home, you or a home care provider should be there to help out whenever possible.  


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Becky Back