Core Strengthening Tips for Senior Citizens

Has your elderly loved one been working out at all? They don’t need a gym membership or an intense workout program. However, it might help to share the benefits of a core-strengthening workout with your elderly loved one. Research shows that as people get older they lose muscle, especially in their core. When this happens, it can cause balance issues, fatigue, and breathing issues when standing up or moving quickly. Your elderly loved one can prevent or slow down the progression of some of these issues by doing core strengthening exercises.

Core Strengthening Benefits for the Elderly

There are so many different ways that your elderly loved one can benefit from strengthening their core. Research shows that some of the benefits of these types of exercises for the elderly include:

Home Care Austell, GA: Core Strengthening Tips

  • Building pelvic floor strength
  • Improving abdominal strength
  • Better support for the spine
  • Reducing back, hip, and neck pain
  • Stabilizing the body to prevent balance issues
  • Improving mobility
  • Making it easier to perform daily tasks
  • Reducing the risk of a fall

As you can see, there are many benefits of having your elderly loved one perform core strengthening exercises regularly. If your elderly loved one is just now implementing this type of exercise plan into their lifestyle, it would be a good idea for you or a home care provider to supervise them.

Performing Appropriate Core Strengthening Exercises

If your elderly loved one gets the approval from their doctor on these types exercises, there are many different ones that you can help your elderly loved one to do. Some of the most beneficial core strengthening exercises for the elderly include:

  • Wood chops
  • Seated side bends
  • Superman

You can help your elderly loved one look up how to do these exercises. That way, they know how to do them properly and how to do them safely.

Overcoming Obstacles

If your elderly loved one has specific health conditions, they may not be able to perform standing or stretching core-strengthening exercises. If that is the case, you can actually look up online the health condition your elderly loved one has and core strengthening exercises for that condition. You should come up with an entire list of exercises that are safe and doable for that specific health condition.


Now that you are aware of the benefits of core strengthening for the elderly and you have some ideas on which exercises are great to start with, you can share all this information with your elderly loved one. Just remember, it is safer for the elderly to have someone with them while they exercise. You may want to have home care providers supervise your elderly loved one while they are performing core-strengthening exercises.

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Becky Back