What to Do When Your Senior Has Memory Problems

As we get older, we may need help with our daily activities. One of the most common things that people need help with is memory.

While it is important to make sure that you have a plan to help your senior when they need it. The key to providing the right kind of help is to make sure that the senior is comfortable with the help you provide.

Here are a few steps that can help you care for your senior with memory problems:

1. Safe Environment

Companion Care at Home in College Park, GA: Memory Problems

Are there any hazards in their living space that could harm your senior? Do you have any furniture that could be used to hurt them? Are there any loose objects that could be used to hurt them? These are all things to consider when caring for your senior.

2. Plan Ahead

Companion care at home can create a schedule with them, and schedule them to do things at specific times. This can help them remember what they are supposed to do. They will create a cheat sheet for your senior, listing the places they are supposed to go to and the activities they are supposed to do.

3. Keep Them Active

Keeping your senior busy will help them remember things easier, and it will help them stay healthy. If your senior doesn’t have an exercise plan, make a plan with them for their daily exercise. You can also help your senior remember things by keeping a calendar for them. If you want to make sure they remember something, write it down on the calendar, and they will know to remember it.

4. Keep Them Healthy

To help them remember to eat and drink, you can put little reminders on their refrigerator. You can also help your senior remember to eat by setting up a feeding schedule. You can also help your senior remember to drink by putting little reminders on their table.

What to Do When There is no Collaboration From Your Senior

A senior with memory problems can be difficult to deal with. They may forget to take their medication or not remember to take it regularly, or they may forget to pay their bills. They may become angry or upset when they can’t find something, or they may become disoriented and confused, and not know where they are or why.

If the senior is not comfortable with your help, you may need to try to figure out why they are uncomfortable. There are some seniors who may not be comfortable with any help, but there is a chance that you can change their minds. It is important to remember that the senior may be comfortable with certain aspects of their life.

When a senior has memory problems, their caregiver should be understanding of the situation. They should try to avoid upsetting the senior, and should never yell at them or scold them. They should remain calm and help the senior to remember what they need to do.

It is very difficult for a senior to accept that they are no longer as sharp as they used to be. They may have trouble accepting that they may not be able to do everything they used to.


When a senior has memory problems, it can be very distressing for them and those who care about them. Companion care at home can secure the best safety and independence for your senior. Give us a call today!

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Becky Back