Two Fun Sites Your Parents Should Explore for World Internet Day

October 29th is World Internet Day. It’s a day to reflect on how far the internet has come since the 1990s when many households started connecting to the internet regularly. Days of “You’ve Got Mail” have long past. Most people rely on free email services like Gmail, video chat, and instant messaging to keep in touch or send notes to co-workers.

Another area where the internet has really changed is the games. From the first online games in the 1970s, the internet allowed for far more online games that households could play with others. Nexus, Starcraft, and Everquest were some of the biggies. Things have advanced from there.

While some games were targeted to teens and young adults, there are sites today that cater to games for older adults. They help exercise the brain, offer a way to socialize, and allow players to relax and de-stress. These two sites are fun for you and your parents. Visit them together on World Internet Day.

Caregiver Douglasville, GA: World Internet Day

AARP is a well-known non-profit that supports older adults. Your parents may not realize the site has a section that’s dedicated to games. Do a daily crossword, play the popular number game 2048, or play a word game.

There are several online Solitaire games, Mahjongg, and arcade games like video pool are available. Your parents will also enjoy trivia games, matching games, and more. Some games are free to play for anyone. Others do require AARP members to log in.


GeoGuessr has changed since it started, but many games are still free if you create an account and sign in. You’re shown an image and must figure out where or what it is. With a free account, you can play a specific number of games each day. You can upgrade to a paid account and have unlimited access.

Location Estimator is a free clone of GeoGuessr that may appeal to your parents more. It’s free to play and doesn’t require them to create an account. It’s also ad-free.

Some days are great for finding things to do during your downtime. Other days are full of chores that need to get done. On the days that things have to get done, stop and think about how much time you have. If you’re balancing work, responsibilities to your children and spouse, and parents, you can become overwhelmed.

Caregivers are an alternative to taking on too much. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a home care agency. Caregivers can help your parents with some of the things they need help completing. That gives you a break and ensures the time you spend with them is full of laughter and joyful moments. 


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Becky Back