Tips To Help Seniors Get Better Sleep

It’s very common for seniors to have trouble sleeping. Sometimes medications can cause insomnia or poor sleep. And seniors who have depression or anxiety can have difficulty sleeping associated with both of those conditions. Seniors with chronic pain also may be struggling to get enough sleep. But sleep is one of the best things that seniors can do to stay healthy, maintain a healthy weight, and keep their brains working as they get older. Seniors who are having trouble sleeping and not getting relief from typical methods can try:

Get A New Mattress

Elder Care Douglasville, GA: Sleep Issues

Elder Care Douglasville, GA: Sleep Issues

One of the first things that seniors can try to help them sleep better is to get a new mattress. Many seniors haven’t replaced their mattresses in a long time and that could be impacting the quality of their sleep. Modern mattresses use new technology to help sleepers control firmness, temperature, and position so that seniors will be able to customize the mattress to their exact needs. Being able to make small changes in the comfort of the mattress can make a big difference in how the mattress feels. 

Try Sleeping Somewhere New

Sometimes seniors have an easier time sleeping on something besides a traditional bed and mattress. This is especially the case for seniors who may have trouble sleeping after they lose a spouse because they are so used to sleeping with their spouse and can’t adjust to not having someone with them at night. Switching to a single bed or even sleeping in a comfy recliner in the living room may make seniors feel more secure and help them sleep better at night. It’s important to keep an open mind and look at all options because getting enough sleep is critical to good health. 

Get Into A Bedtime Routine

Having a bedtime routine helps seniors regulate their internal clock and Circadian rhythm so that they get tired at the same each night. Keeping a consistent bedtime is part of a healthy bedtime routine. So is having a “wind down” ritual like taking a shower, reading a book, or meditating. Doing something deliberately at the end of the day and starting to relax the mind and body for sleep can help seniors fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly throughout the night. 

Get Elder Care

Seniors who are having trouble sleeping because they are worried about being alone in the house at night can benefit from elder care. With elder care seniors don’t have to be alone and anxious. Someone will be there throughout the night to make sure that seniors have help getting up to use the bathroom or get water. 

And seniors won’t be worried about security or other issues when someone is awake throughout the night. Seniors who are unable to sleep because they feel the house is too quiet at night can happily drift off to sleep when a caregiver is puttering around the house, watching TV, or reading to them. The familiar sounds of someone else being there can be the best lullaby of all.

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Becky Back