Signs A Senior Loved One Needs Home Care

Home care is a great way for seniors to remain independent and live in their own homes while making sure that they are safe and comfortable. Overwhelmingly seniors in the U.S. would prefer to age in place by staying in their own homes but as they get older they find that they have trouble keeping up with things like housework, laundry, and shopping. Home care for seniors can provide the extra support that your senior loved one needs to safely and comfortably age in place. But how do you know when it’s time to discuss home care with your senior loved one? If you notice these signs you should be discussing getting home care for your senior loved one:

Dishes Piling Up

Home Care Douglasville, GA: Seniors and Home Care

Home Care Douglasville, GA: Seniors and Home Care

If you notice that the same dishes are in the sink each time that you visit it’s a sign that your senior may need home care. When dishes start piling up in the sink or on countertops and it doesn’t look like dishes are getting washed regularly that show that your senior loved one is either physically or mentally having trouble keeping up with house chores. A home care provider can help your senior loved one stay on top of the household chores and makes sure tasks like washing dishes and doing laundry get done. 

The Cupboards Looking Empty

Does your senior loved one have enough food? Many seniors don’t. Either because shopping has become difficult for them or because they just aren’t eating enough. Take a look through your senior loved one’s cupboards and refrigerator to see if they are eating and restocking food regularly. Look at the dates of the things like milk and eggs in the fridge to make sure they are still good. Look for staples in the pantry like rice or pasta. Having a senior care giver come in to help with preparing meals and shopping will ensure that your senior is eating healthy food regularly the way that they should. 

Your Senior Loved One Looking Unclean Or Disheveled

Everyone has a pajama day now and then when they don’t get dressed or shower and look sloppy all day. But if your senior loved one is regularly looking like they haven’t bathed or is wearing the same clothes every day or not combing their hair or shaving they may not be able to keep up with personal care tasks any longer. It’s difficult for seniors to admit they are having trouble taking care of themselves so you might need to bring up the subject. But having some help from a companion care provider can make it easier for your senior loved one to keep up with personal care. 

The House Getting Cluttered

If it looks like the house is getting more cluttered with papers, books, dishes, knick knacks , and junk every time you visit your senior loved one, that’s a pretty good sign that they could use some help keeping the house tidy enough to be safe.

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Becky Back