How Do You Find an Effective, Safe Exercise Program for Your Mom?

Your mom fell and broke her arm. To prevent additional falls, her medical team suggests making sure she’s increasing her activity to work with muscle strength, balance, and stamina. How do you find the best exercise program for her that won’t raise her fall risk even more?

Ask Her Doctor

Personal Care at Home Douglasville, GA: Safe Exercise Program

Never let your mom start a new exercise program without first talking to her doctor. Find out if she has restrictions on activities. If your mom takes medications, you should ask if there are side effects like dizziness or sleepiness. She needs to avoid activities that may lead to her overexerting due to the medicines.

Talk to Her Physical Therapists

Her physical therapist will work with her on exercise programs to help her boost strength and balance. Ask if there are any other videos or programs she can do each day.

You need to know if there are any activities she needs to limit for now. If she has heart disease and falls after taking her medication, she might not be allowed to do anything that brings her heart rate up. Aerobic activities like Zumba may not be safe.

Start With Beginner Programs

No matter what your mom wants to try, make sure she starts with beginner videos or programs. She shouldn’t start at an expert level. She needs to go slowly and build strength and stamina before moving on.

Pair Her Interests With Her Activities

Choose exercise programs that match your mom’s interests. You know your mom loves to talk walks in the forest, but it’s harder for her to do so after a fall. Have you considered getting her a treadmill and a tablet?

Instead of walking in the woods where she might trip, she can work out on her treadmill while watching a virtual walk through a forest. There are hundreds of virtual walking tours on sites like YouTube.

Or, you know your mom loves to swim. You could enroll her in a Zumba water class at the local community pool. She’s in the water for buoyancy if she does fall over, but she’s staying active and enjoying socialization with the other men and women in her class.

Arrange Personal Care at Home Aides for Support

It’s time to talk about having a personal care at home specialist assisting your family with your mom’s care needs. She can have caregivers helping her remain independent at home.

Her caregivers can remind her to exercise, prevent additional falls, and arrange her appointments and transportation. Call a personal care at home agency to learn more.

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Becky Back