Difficult Conversations Make Senior Care Plans Work Effectively

Talking to your parents about their plans as they age isn’t the easiest conversation. It’s one of the most important your family will have. These are the points you must discuss as a family. 
How Do Your Parents Feel About Needing Care?

Senior Care Austell, GA: Difficult Conversations

One of the most important questions to ask is how your parents feel about needing care. If your mom couldn’t stand for long and needed someone to help her get in and out of the shower, would it cause her anxiety? 
Your dad had to give up his keys and stop driving. Is he likely to try anyway or would he be okay having someone else drive? If someone else drives him, is he going to be difficult and make comments about their driving? If he’s the type to criticize, whoever drives him will need to be able to ignore his comments. 
Have Your Parents Talked to an Elder Law Attorney? 
Lawyers cost money, but it’s also important that your parents protect their personal and financial interests. If something happened and your parents couldn’t tell doctors their wishes, could you? You may not have the legal authority to advise for or against resuscitation, feeding tubes, or respirators. A medical power of attorney is important. 
Who would protect their financial interests? Is someone set up to be the financial power of attorney? Would someone be able to step in and pay bills or could your parents lose their house due to unpaid taxes? 
Find Out What Health Issues They’ve Had 
Here’s a scenario that can take families by surprise. A parent has a stroke and can’t communicate. Doctors need to do an MRI. Before they can, they need to know if that parent has any metal plates or pins in the body. Do you know? 
You also need to know if your mom or dad are allergic to items like latex, seafood, eggs, surgical glue, aspirin, penicillin, etc. If you can’t answer those questions, it can delay their care. 
Ask an Advisor at a Senior Care Agency 
Talk to a senior care advisor. You’ll be informed of the options in your parent’s area, prices, and steps to take to get started. 
Senior care services help you take breaks and ensure your parents have all of the help they need. Let them age at home without fear or risk by having caregivers available to assist with everything from cleaning to transportation. Call a senior care agency to find out how to best help your parents stay safe and happy. 


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Becky Back