Dental Health Tips For Seniors

Oral health can have a big impact on overall health. For seniors keeping their teeth and gums healthy as they get older can have significant health benefits. And seniors who still have natural teeth should do whatever they can to protect the natural teeth that they have left. But seniors sometimes have unique challenges when it comes to oral care as they get older. Medical conditions can make oral hygiene more difficult for seniors. The best dental health tips for seniors include:

Get Senior Friendly Dental Equipment

Senior Home Care Douglasville, GA: Dental Health

Senior Home Care Douglasville, GA: Dental Health

Even though your senior parent may not need specialized dental care items that are designed for seniors yet it’s a good idea for them to start using these items now so that they have them for the future. There is a whole range of dental and oral hygiene appliances and gadgets that are designed to be easy for seniors to hold and use. 

Toothbrushes that are electric but have large, soft, easy to grip handles are a must for seniors. So is toothpaste in a non-squeeze container that doesn’t have a cap that is tough for seniors to get off. Small mouthwash bottles with easy open caps are not heavy and are easier for seniors to use. Seniors that have senior home care can also have their care provider help them with their daily oral hygiene. 

Get Regular Dental Cleanings

Seniors can benefit from having professional dental cleanings twice a year. If your senior loved one has a hard time brushing and doesn’t floss regularly or doesn’t floss at all twice a year dental cleanings done at the dentist’s office will help your senior loved one keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Most insurance will pay for two dental cleanings each year if the dentist decides they are necessary for your parent’s health. 

Brush Twice A Day And Use A Mouthwash

Good oral hygiene is really the best thing that seniors can do to keep their natural teeth. Senior home care can help seniors stick to a good oral hygiene routine that includes brushing twice a day and using a mouthwash too. There are mouthwashes that are designed for the unique dental needs of seniors that will help them preserve their natural teeth for as long as possible. Ask their dentist for recommendations for toothpaste and mouthwashes that are designed for seniors. 

Eat Foods That Help Keep Teeth And Gums Healthy 

Seniors can also help protect their teeth by what they choose to eat. Seniors should be eating foods that are high in calcium and folate to protect their teeth and keep them strong. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C is also often recommended for seniors. A diet that includes a lot of leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits which are packed with Vitamin C is the best kind of diet for seniors that want to protect their teeth. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and other daily foods have a lot of protein and calcium. Seniors should be eating daily foods if they want to keep their teeth strong.

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Becky Back