Personal Care at Home Helps With Oral Care to Avoid Gum Disease

Gum Disease: Personal Care at Home Villa Rica GA

From the age of 65 on, an estimated 96% of older adults have at least one cavity. Around one out of five older adults have untreated tooth decay and 17% have lost all of their teeth. This is concerning as improper oral care can lead to infections and gum disease. If your mom isn’t regularly…

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In-Home Care Helps Seniors Cope with Low Vision

Senior Low Vision: In-Home Care Villa Rica GA

Did you know that senior adults are the majority of the visually impaired population in the United States? This is according to a recent National Eye Institute (NEI) report. Although low vision is common later in life, it can be challenging for the elderly to accept and acclimate as other senses weaken. Family caregivers must…

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Home Care Tips to Boost Your Mom’s Vegetable Intake

Senior Vegetable Intake: Home Care College Park GA

It’s recommended that older adults eat two cups of fruit each day and three cups of vegetables. Your mom isn’t close to that. In fact, you’re not sure she even gets half of what she should. How do you get her to eat more vegetables? Having a home care provider is a great option, but…

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Tips for Seniors and Elder Care to Increase Appliance Longevity

Appliance Longevity: Elder Care Villa Rica GA

When seniors are aging at home, it’s important that things like their appliances, water heater, furnace, and air conditioner last as long as possible so they don’t need costly replacements. Even though these items are built to withstand a good bit of wear and tear there are some things that seniors can do to prolong…

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Supporting Your Mom During Her Cancer Journey

Supporting Your Mom During Cancer

National Cancer Prevention Month falls in February. Many forms of cancer can be prevented or stopped when caught early. A colonoscopy can find colorectal cancer in the earliest stages while mammograms and breast ultrasounds detect the early stages of breast cancer. Encourage your mom to go for these tests. If your mom learns she has…

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Container Garden Ideas When Your Dad Uses a Wheelchair

Home Care Atlanta, GA: Seniors and Gardening

As an avid gardener, your dad is upset that he now needs a wheelchair. Now that he’s in a wheelchair going into his yard is not as easy. He’ll need paths to his garden to look at the plants. Getting to the ground to weed, plant seeds and seedlings, or harvest produce is impossible. He…

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