Can Pasta Ever Really be Healthy?

Who doesn’t love spaghetti? With or without the meatballs, spaghetti, macaroni, rotini, linguini, and the myriad of other pastas are indisputable comfort foods.  

But you may have heard they aren’t good for you. And perhaps you’re wondering if your beloved mother or father should be sucking down a plate of pasta. While almost everything done in moderation continues to be okay, some pastas are definitely better than others. 


Let’s break that down

Elderly Care in College Park, GA: Is Pasta Healthy?

The health aspects of pasta come down to its nutrients, if any, and the calorie count. Overeating pasta is a shortcut to being overweight, so smaller portions are recommended for all.  

That said, a quantum of pasta might be good for mom or dad. Research coming out of Tufts University has produced a “myplate” for older adults. The myplate imagery shows consumers what proportions of food to eat at any meal and also throughout a day. Tufts senior myplate clearly shows a portion of spaghetti along with whole grain bread and cereal.  

But there are way more types of pasta than the box of cheap white spaghetti that people unthinkingly put in their shopping carts. That pasta is packed with refined carbohydrates, which are associated with an increased risk of diabetes.  


Finding a better pasta might require some trial and error 

The obvious solution is to choose the whole wheat pasta that gets shunted into a dark corner of the pasta aisle or banished over to the health foods section. Whole wheat pasta is rich in complex carbs, fiber, and other nutrients. Elderly care experts even say that whole wheat pasta does a better job of making consumers feel full. That means one can eat less of it, and take in fewer calories, while getting the same level of satisfaction from a serving.  

Some people find that angel hair whole wheat pasta does the trick for them because the strands are so fine. Unfortunately, many people find the taste of whole wheat pasta kind of intolerable. Even fitness expert David Zincenko admits he can’t stand whole wheat pasta. And there’s no use fighting a beloved parent about what they’re eating.  

Fortunately, there are other, less cardboard-y tasting pastas that also pack good nutrients. The following products don’t feature the refined carbs that put us all in danger of pre-diabetes: 


  • Red lentil pasta. Pasta can be made entirely from lentils which have fewer calories than semolina, and some seniors might find it more palatable than whole wheat. Serve it with pesto sauce and the red and green colors come together in a really appetizing way.  
  • Chickpea pasta. Made with garbanzo beans, this pasta choice is more delicate than whole wheat while featuring excellent protein content.  
  • Edamame pasta. Yes, Dorothea, they make a pasta out of a green soy bean called edamame. Elderly care specialists might consider this a superfood because it provides a lean, but complete protein.  The green color might appeal to some seniors, especially if paired with a fresh tomato sauce.  


Finding a nutritious pasta that mom or dad likes might take a little finesse. Preparing a small amount to sample could make the process easier. Or you might turn it into a game where mom or dad identifies which colorful pasta is most delicious.  

This is where home care can definitely help. Because they have time to cook meals, home care professionals can help your beloved mother or father try out different things in order to identify foods that are both nutritious and tasty. If you don’t have the time to help your parent with his or her diet, home care will come to the rescue.  


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Becky Back