A Care Plan Needs to Consider the Present and Future

As your dad ages, you notice little things that have you concerned. He’s less steady on his feet. Maybe, he doesn’t drive anymore. Or, he hates cooking and relies on takeout meals and frozen dinners.

As he ages, it’s time to talk about the need for a care plan. Even if he’s still independent and doesn’t need a lot of help, you should work together to form a care plan that covers his needs now and in the future. These are the things to address.

What Is He Comfortable With?

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If your dad cannot live independently at home, who would he want to help him out? Would he want that person helping him with everything or just specific tasks? For example, if your dad cannot shower without help, would he want his son or daughter helping? Would he prefer to have a professional caregiver assisting with the more personal tasks like showering, toileting, and personal care?

If he needs home care services, would he want to interview the caregiver first, or does he trust you to decide for him? Does he have questions he’d like to ask the home care agency during the initial meeting?

Does He Have Legal Protections in Place?

The very first thing your dad needs to address is his advance directive. If anything happens to him in an accident or during a health emergency, what happens? Has he named anyone to handle his medical decisions and financial matters? He may be in excellent physical health now, but his health can change without warning.

If he hasn’t seen an attorney, it’s time to draft a will, powers of attorney, and an advance directive. He should discuss HIPAA permissions and make sure his doctor has both the HIPAA form and advance directive instructions.

Once he’s named the agents for his medical and financial decisions, make sure that person has a copy of the paperwork. The agents need to understand their roles and have the necessary information to make the best decisions for your dad’s circumstances.

How to Arrange Home Care Services

Home care assistance is easy to arrange. Gather a list of questions that you, your dad, and other family members have. You’ll want to get answers to these questions during the initial call. Make sure you understand the answers. If not, ask for clarification.

Talk to a home care expert and discuss your dad’s care needs. Go over the things he does independently and the areas where he needs a helping hand. Ask questions and find out prices. Once you know how many hours of home care assistance he needs, schedule services.

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Becky Back