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Yoga Benefits for Seniors

Yoga Benefits for Seniors

Yoga is for everyone. The key for seniors is picking the right type of yoga and knowing what they can or cannot do. Universal Home Care And Services Inc., your home care agency in Georgia, promotes these engaging activities.
Restorative yoga provides many health benefits, both physically and psychologically. It is also a great option because yoga does not need specialized equipment.
If elders are suffering from limited mobility or arthritis, yoga poses can be modified by a home health care provider to accommodate their physical condition.
These are some key benefits of daily yoga for our senior loved ones.

  • Yoga decreases anxiety

    Yoga classes have a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Specific programs for seniors can also be relaxing and restorative. Daily yoga reduces the sympathetic nervous system’s fight-or-flight response that impacts your mind and body.

  • Yoga increases balance and stability

    Balance and stability are important as we age. Many yoga poses focus on strengthening the muscles. Balance improvement helps prevent falls. And should falls happen, our seniors can bounce back and recover.

  • Yoga improves respiration

    Breathing is essential to life. We could go weeks without eating, but we won’t last minutes without breathing. As we age, our respiratory functions are reduced. Yoga programs exercise the breathing muscles, keeping them strong and flexible.

  • Yoga encourages mindfulness

    Mindfulness is an essential aspect of yoga. As seniors are focused on their breathing and listening to their bodies, they become more self-aware in the process. They become mindful of their own thoughts and emotions. Then, they become connected to their environment and community.

Your home health care in Douglasville, Georgia promotes your well-being. Talk to us on how we can do more.

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