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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Life can be challenging for anyone during the winter months. This may be because of different reasons such as the ice, snow, and the cold temperature. Slippery sidewalks and cold weather may cause a vast range of injuries and illnesses among seniors.

Looking for a home health care provider to assist your senior loved ones on a regular basis will help them maintain safety at any season. Check out our tips below to prevent common cold-weather dangers that seniors experience during winter.

  • Avoid slipping on ice
    During winter, slipping or falling is easy because of the icy, snowy roads, and sidewalks. In fact, falls are very common during the winter season and these cause major injuries like hip and wrist fractures, head injuries, and major lacerations. There are many ways to prevent falls at home in seniors. Read other safety fall-related blogs from Universal Home Care And Services, Inc. to know more.
  • Dress for warmth
    Cold temperature causes frostbite and hypothermia, a condition where the body temperature drops too low, among seniors. Most hypothermia-related deaths occur in people over 65 years old. Wearing a warm pair of socks, a heavy coat, a warm hat, gloves, and a scarf will help alleviate the cold temperature when your loved ones go outside during winter. In very cold temperature, they can wear scarfs to cover all exposed skin.
  • Eat a varied diet
    Vitamin D deficiency is a problem for seniors during the winter season. Since most people spend more time indoors and may eat smaller varieties of food, nutrient deficiency can be a problem. As a home care agency in Georgia, we agree with the recommendation by Nicole Morrissey, a dietitian from southwest Michigan, that seniors should consume foods fortified with vitamin D like milk, grains, and some seafood options.

Wintertime can certainly pose a challenge to seniors, but with proper planning, awareness, and help from a provider of home health care in Douglasville, Georgia, your loved ones will stay healthy and experience the joys of the season.

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