What Does Your Senior Want in the Years to Come?

Have you and your senior talked about what she wants as her life continues to change? If not, that isn’t a big surprise. Lots of seniors and family members haven’t had those talks because it can be so complex and can bring up so many emotions. Often aging adults worry about having their independence disappear. But you and your elderly family member do need to have a talk, if only so that you know how you can help her as much as possible.

This Can Be Such a Tough Conversation

Home Care Assistance College Park, GA: Future Plans and Seniors

In some cases, aging adults really don’t want to think about or talk about the future. That can make this type of conversation a really difficult one to have. It might also be something you don’t want to think about much, either. But you can’t avoid it forever, and it’s possible to wait too long, unfortunately.

Don’t Keep Putting it Off

The longer you and your elderly family member put off this conversation, the more difficult it becomes. That difficulty worsens exponentially if she develops health issues or if existing health issues worsen considerably. Knowing now whether she is planning to age in place or has another plan in mind allows you to plan better for whatever it is that she wants.

Find a Way to Bridge the Gap

There might be a big gap between what seems workable to you and what your aging family member wants. When you know about that from the outset, it’s a lot easier to try to find solutions, like home care assistance, that help to make the impossible a lot more doable. Knowing what you’re up against is the first part.

Offer Options and Solutions

The rest involves finding and implementing solutions that are realistic for what your senior is facing. Senior care providers can make a huge difference for your senior’s quality of life. Having home care assistance ensures that any needs she has can be met easily, whether those needs include help with transportation, meal preparation, or other types of personal care tasks.

When you and your elderly family member can come to an agreement that works for both of you, that ensures that you’re going to be able to do all you can to make her plans come to fruition. That can be a huge relief for her and also for you, because you’ll know that you’ve done all that you can do.

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Becky Back