What Are the Differences between Personal Care at Home and In-home Nurse Assistance?

At first, it might sound easy enough to determine what types of assistance your senior needs at home. But there are options like nursing help at home and personal care at home that can be confusing when you first hear about them. How can you tell which is which? What matters first is that you learn how each type of care professional actually assists your senior, so that you can match that type of help with her current needs.

Both Types of Care Are Important When Your Senior Needs Extra Help

Personal Care at Home in College Park, GA: Differences in Care Services

Personal Care at Home in College Park, GA: Differences in Care Services

When your senior is having trouble living her life in the ways she’s accustomed to living it, she definitely needs some extra assistance. The type of help that she needs may vary greatly, however, depending on what is giving her trouble and what her needs are. It’s important before you line up any type of help for your senior that you fully understand exactly what she needs so that you can get her the right help. This isn’t always easy to do, of course, but it can start with looking first at whether your senior needs medical help or not.

In-home Nurses Offer Medical Assistance

In-home nursing assistance is about making sure that your senior has the medical help that she needs. A licensed nurse comes to your elderly family member’s home and handles tasks related to medical needs your senior has. This can involve wound care, monitoring vital signs, managing medications, and other types of medical tasks. This is typically temporary assistance, depending on why your elderly family member needs medical help at home.

Personal Care at Home Offers Assistance with ADLs

Personal care at home offers help with activities of daily living, or ADLs. These are activities that are related to bathing, eating, and taking care of other personal needs your senior may have on a daily basis. Personal caregivers are able to assist your senior with these tasks as needed, but she’s still able to maintain her independence in other areas. If your elderly family member doesn’t need this type of support all the time, she can access this assistance whenever she does need it.

Home Care Can Help in Still Other Ways

Other types of help, like elder care, can support your senior in different ways as she continues to age in place. If she only needs companionship or help with household tasks, for instance, this type of help is often an excellent option. This type of care can make your senior’s life easier and safer, without handling medical needs for her. It’s also possible that your elderly family member has help from all of these different types of care providers at different times.

If you’re still not sure what types of care might be the best options for your senior, talk with her doctors and other medical professionals about the challenges that she’s having. That can help you to narrow down more information about whether she needs nursing assistance or personal care at home in order to address the situations she’s facing.

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