Tips For Taking Care Of A Senior Parent With Cancer

When your senior parent is diagnosed with cancer it’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are a lot of things that you and your senior parent need to know. There is a lot of information to process. And there’s a lot of physical changes that you and your senior loved one will have to deal with. Your senior parent may require a lot more care because of the side effects of treatment.

 And they may require a lot more support in order to get to their treatments and medical appointments. If you’re grappling with a senior parent who has been diagnosed with cancer here are some tips you can use to make caring for them a little easier:

Invest in Elder Care

Elder Care Atlanta, GA: Seniors and Cancer

Elder Care Atlanta, GA: Seniors and Cancer

It’s very difficult to take care of a senior loved one that is battling a serious illness. If you have a full time job or kids that you need to take care of it can be tough to find the extra time needed to get your senior parent to their medical appointments, make sure that they are taking all of their medication, and be there for them if the treatment makes them ill. 

Elder care for seniors takes some of the responsibility off of you to provide all the extra care that your senior parent needs. An elder care provider can get your senior loved one to their appointments, make sure they are taking their medication, call in prescriptions to the pharmacy, and watch out for any signs of serious side effects or infections in your senior parent. 

Focus On The Basics

When you’re overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities of taking care of a senior with cancer just focus on the basics. Make sure that your senior parent is eating nutritious meals, getting enough rest, and getting to their medical appointments on time. Everything else can wait. Elder care providers can take care of things like shopping or running errands for your senior parent so that you can focus solely on their medical care. 

Be An Advocate

If you have questions about any side effects that your senior loved one is experiencing, how any existing medical conditions are impacting their treatment, or other important questions don’t let the doctor get out of answering your questions. Be persistent and be a strong advocate for your senior parent. Listen to what the doctor says but don’t be afraid to ask questions, have things explained more than once, or ask specific follow up questions to make sure that your senior loved one is getting the best possible care. 

Take A Break

Remember that you need to take a break once and awhile for your own mental and physical health. Taking a break is normal and healthy. Elder care can be there for your senior parent while you take the time that you need to process information, make plans, and relax with your family before taking on the care of your senior parent again. 

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Becky Back