Tips For Keeping Seniors Healthy In The Summer Heat

Every season brings unique challenges when it comes to personal care for seniors. Skin care especially can be difficult in the summer heat. But it’s very important for seniors to keep their skin healthy. Small sores and cuts can become infected and lead to more serious health problems pretty quickly. And changes in skin can be good indicators of changes in the overall health of a senior loved one. When the temperature rises seniors run the risk of developing skin problems from their skin getting moist from sweat. They also can easily get sunburns, even if they are indoors if they are near windows. Some things that seniors can do to keep their skin healthy in the summer include:

Personal Care At Home

Home Care Carrollton, GA: Summer Heat

Home Care Carrollton, GA: Summer Heat

Personal care at home is a great way for seniors to take care of their skin and other hygiene issues without the embarrassment of having to ask a family member to help them. Trained care providers who offer personal care at home know how to work with the unique challenges of aging skin and they know the best products to use to solve common issues that seniors have. Personal care at home can help seniors deal with things like incontinence, personal odor, skin issues, and other difficult personal care challenges. 

Sunscreen Every Day

Seniors should be applying sunscreen every day. Even if they don’t go outside they can get exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays through windows. And seniors with very sensitive skin can still get sunburned even through a window. It should be a standard practice for seniors to apply sunscreen when they get dressed each day. A personal care provider can help seniors apply sunscreen to their face, arms, hands, and chest so that they are protected from the sun. 

Dressing Appropriately

Dressing appropriately for the hot weather can be tricky for seniors. It’s best for seniors to keep their skin covered as much as possible, but if they sweat because their skin is covered they can develop rashes and other problems. Seniors should wear very light layers of clothing in order to allow their skin to breathe. It also helps to wear natural fabrics what will wick moisture and allow for air circulation. Natural cotton and linen are the best choices for seniors to wear during the hot weather. Seniors should avoid synthetic fabrics in the heat because synthetic fabrics don’t allow for air circulation and they don’t wick moisture from the skin. 

Staying Hydrated

Seniors also need to stay hydrated in the heat to keep their skin healthy. Drinking enough water will allow the circulatory system to flush out skin cells and make sure that any waste in the skin cells is removed so that the skin can stay healthy. Seniors should be drinking cool water at least once an hour during the day when the temperatures are really high. Drinking cool water will also help seniors stay cool even during the warmest parts of the day.

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Becky Back