Osteoporosis: What Your Mom Needs to Do to Lower Her Risk

Within seven years of the point at which menopause ends, your mom may have lost as much as 20 percent of her bone density. From the age of 50, a fall that leads to a broken bone can be a sign that bone density is degrading. It’s estimated that 54 million people in the U.S. have declining bone density or osteoporosis.

There are things that your mom can do to lower her risk of losing so much bone density that osteoporosis occurs. Taking action early on will help her bones stay healthy longer.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Senior Care in East Point, GA: Osteoporosis and Seniors

A healthy diet is important. This means low saturated fat, low sugar, and low sodium. Whole grains, fresh produce, and lean proteins are important. Dairy products like low-fat or fat-free yogurt contain the calcium your body needs for strong bones and teeth.

Take a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D is important as it helps your body absorb calcium from the foods you eat. The best source of vitamin D is to expose the skin to the sun. The skin produces vitamin D naturally this way. But, that increases the risk of skin cancer. A vitamin D supplement may be recommended by your mom’s doctor for this reason.

Exercise Regularly

The recommended goal for exercise is at least 30 minutes a day. Regular exercise can’t stop osteoporosis, but it can slow the rate of bone loss. Weight-bearing exercises like walking, Zumba, and jogging are better than low-impact exercises like swimming.

Get Bone Density Scans When Recommended

A bone mineral density test is a simple test that works a little like an x-ray. It takes just a few minutes to look at the density of a couple of bones in the body. If there are issues, dietary issues and calcium supplements are common treatments.

Does your mom no longer drive? Make sure someone can drive her to her bone density scans and other medical appointments. Senior care aides can drive your mom around, which keeps you from having to take time off from work.

If your mom learned she has osteoporosis or weak bones after falling and fracturing a bone, senior care aides help her keep up with housekeeping and laundry while she recovers. Arrange senior care services by calling a representative. The specialist can go over services that are available and how often your parents should have senior care aides stopping by.


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