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Most Common Age-Related Vision Problems

Most Common Age-Related Vision Problems

Dry eyes can be a common eye issue during winter because of the recirculation of air from the heater. But, how do you tell your home health care provider if it’s a simple case of dry eyes or a symptom of a visual disease? Well, you can do so by familiarizing the most common senior eye problems.

Here are the most common age-related vision problems in seniors:

  • Age-related macular degeneration
    Those over 50 years old should take note of the signs and symptoms of AMD as it is the leading cause of severe vision loss which results in the loss of central vision. Symptoms can include gradual loss of the ability to see objects clearly, loss of clear color vision, and a dark or empty area in the center of vision.

  • Blepharitis
    Characterized as the inflammation or infection of the eyelid, blepharitis can lead to similar symptoms to dry eyes. Irritated, itchy eyelids, and the formation of dandruff-like scales on the eyelashes are some of the symptoms of blepharitis.

  • Cataracts
    Cataracts are a cloudy or opaque area in the lens of the eye that restricts vision. They are common to seniors and are the leading cause of blindness. Symptoms of cataracts include blurred or hazy vision, increased difficulty seeing at night, increased sensitivity to glare and reduced intensity of colors.

    As your provider of home health care in Douglasville, Georgia, we will attend to your needs especially if you’re having difficulty seeing at night.

  • Glaucoma
    Glaucoma, a group of eye disorders, is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. The disorders cause progressive damage to optic nerve, resulting in vision loss. For anyone who is at high risk for glaucoma, Universal Home Care And Services, Inc., through AOA’s recommendations, would encourage getting an eye check-up.

We are a home care agency in Georgia that provides seniors with services that would help them live at ease. Through different and specialized care services, seniors in Georgia would be able to live healthily with independence.

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