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Long-Term Care Planning 102: Payment Options 


Sometimes life happens, you get into an accident, or you develop an illness that makes it impossible for you to care for yourself. Then what? Who would take care of you? In long-term care, the caregiver or the health aide will take care of your personal healthcare needs in an extended time. However, when planning for long-term care, one issue you will encounter is payment. Determining how to pay for your long-term care can be daunting, but luckily, you have options for paying for long-term care. Common long-term care payment options include:

  • Medicare
    Medicare is a national health insurance program that will pay for skilled services or rehabilitative care in a nursing home for a maximum of 100 days. It will also cover skilled home health services and other skilled in-home care services. But Medicare will not pay for the non-skilled assistance with ADLs that usually comprise most of the long-term care services. This means you will have to pay the expenses out of your pocket.
  • Medicaid
    It pays for many long-term care services. However, unlike Medicare’s eligibility, Medicaid is basing on the income of an individual. Moreso, you have to meet the state eligibility requirements like the amount of ADL assistance you require. As a private home care that focuses on providing services with ADL, we can help you assess your needs of ADLs to have an overview of your qualification.
  • Other Federal and Private Health Insurance 
    Other federal programs like those of the VA will pay for long-term care, but they only cover certain populations and circumstances. You can also have private health insurance plans, but they still do not provide long-term care coverage.

In addition to the payment schemes mentioned earlier, your options could include long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, life insurance options, and annuities.

Although we provide payment options, the best thing to do is still to consult a long-term care planning expert to help you. As an experienced home health care provider, we say that long-term care is a priority. So it is a must that you plan your long-term care early.

Universal Home Care and Services Inc. is a home health care in Douglasville, Georgia that aims to help seniors with their long-term care planning. We are a home care agency in Georgia that provides nursing services, personal care tasks, and companion sitter or sitter tasks.

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