Learn How Home Care Helps Your Mom Remain Independent

Your mom’s goal is to age at home, but you’re not sure how to make that happen. Have you ever looked into the benefits of home care? Home care provides many services that help your mom remain independent. Take a closer look at them.

Transportation Services Ensure She Comes and Goes as She Wants

Home Care Atlanta, GA: Home Care and Independence

Your mom may no longer feel safe driving herself around, but that doesn’t mean she has to stay in. Her caregiver can drive her to area attractions, restaurants, shops, and senior centers. She remains social without having to wait until you or another family member is free to drive her.

Help With Personal Care and Grooming

Your mom’s arthritic fingers make it harder for her to style her hair. With caregivers available when she showers, your mom can have her hair styled in her preferred manner without having to struggle. She can have her caregivers help her with a manicure or pedicure, bathing, and shaving.

While she may not enjoy needing to rely on others at first, she’ll soon embrace how nice it is to look and dress as she prefers without having to struggle.

Assistance With Housekeeping

Housekeeping services are one of the more popular home care options. Your mom has a more challenging time lifting her vacuum each step as she cleans the stairs. A caregiver can vacuum the floors for her.

Caregivers are happy to help wash the dishes, sterilize surfaces, do the laundry, change bedding, and dust furniture and lampshades. They can sweep the floors, mop, vacuum, and replace a light bulb.

Help With Organization

Your mom has a harder time staying organized. With a caregiver’s help, she has someone to go through the refrigerator and cupboards to look for expired foods that need to be composted and replaced. She has someone to help her put away her clean clothes and keep track of household items and cleaners that have run out.

Another area that caregivers help with is the mail. Caregivers can bring in the mail, help your mom sort it, and set aside bills to ensure they get paid on time. If your mom needs assistance paying her bills online, caregivers can do that, too.

Come Up With a List of Questions and Make the Call

Write out your list of questions after talking to your parents and immediate family. Call a home care agency to learn more about the range of services and get answers to your questions. As your mom learns more about the benefits of home care, she’ll be ready to hire a caregiver to assist her in her goals to age at home.

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Becky Back