How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Prepare for Their Telehealth Appointments

Now that many doctors are offering telehealth appointments regularly, this might be something that benefits your elderly loved one. With that being said, there are some ways that you and their caregivers can help them to prepare for these appointments. With these tips, your elderly loved one can have a productive appointment, just like they would if they were in the doctor’s office. 

Knowing the Reason for the Appointment

Caregiver Marietta, GA: Telehealth Appointments

If your elderly loved one is going to have telehealth appointments, the doctor needs to know the reason why the appointment is scheduled. With many doctors that offer this service, patients can schedule the appointment online. It is important that your elderly loved one is clear with the doctor about why they need the appointment. These appointments usually only last around 10 to 15 minutes. If the doctor knows what the appointment is for, they can make sure your elderly loved one gets the best care. If needed, you or one of the caregivers can help your elderly loved one to set up these appointments.  

Checking the Technology 

Before the telehealth appointment, it is important for someone to help your elderly loved one check their technology. You or one of their caregivers can check to make sure the internet is connected. You can also make sure that your elderly loved one has the program set up that is needed for their appointment. Some doctors use a program that needs to be downloaded. Other doctors use websites. Either way, it is important to make sure everything is in working order before the appointment time.  

Quiet Area for the Appointment 

It is also important that your elderly loved one has a quiet area for their appointment. This way, they can hear everything that their doctor is saying and that their doctor can hear them, too. In addition, a quiet area can ensure you or one of the caregivers can take notes about the appointment. These notes will help to ensure that your elderly loved one and whoever is taking care of them knows what to do next.  


These are some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to prepare for their telehealth appointments. Now that you have the tips mentioned above, you can share them with your elderly loved one. With these tips, they can now start having more successful and productive telehealth appointments with their doctor. If you have further questions about these appointments, be sure to call their doctor ahead of time.


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Becky Back