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How Do Pets Make Good Companions?

How Do Pets Make Good Companions

Owning a pet is like having a companion sitter. As a home health care provider, we encourage seniors to own a pet. Pets are dependable, loyal, and non-judgemental, which offers different benefits for people of all ages including seniors. Especially in the later years, continuing to own pets can be a significant element to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. So, how do pets make good companions?

Here are the answers from Universal Home Care And Services Inc.:

  • They are good stress relievers
    Spending time and petting dogs or cats helps lower blood pressure and its a well-proven fact. They reduce stress and have a calming effect, allowing you to divert your attention other than your problems.

  • They can be an exercise partner
    When you have a dog, you’ll have a partner who can accompany you on walks or jogs. Additionally, cats and dogs enjoy hanging out during the day, thus keeping you engaged and active. With your sitter and pet, you can enjoy the beauty of nature. You can even invite your caregiver or sitter as you walk with your pet.

  • They give a sense of purpose
    Knowing pets depend on you for food, exercise, and companionship gives you a reason to get up and start your day early. Aside from your in-home care health aide, your pets can structure your day, too.

As a home care agency in Georgia, we aim to help seniors to be as healthy as possible in any way. Generally, we are a home health care in Douglasville, Georgia who offers personal or private home care services to seniors with various needs.

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