Home Care Assistance Allows Seniors To Safely Age In Place

Most seniors would like to stay in their own homes as they get older. But there are some very real safety and practical concerns for seniors that are aging in place at home. Especially if they have lived in their home for decades there are likely some things around the house that could be potentially dangerous for a senior who is living there alone most of the time. Home care assistance can make it easier and safer for seniors to stay in their homes as they get older. Some of the ways that home care assistance can help seniors stay safely at home include:

Keeping The House Clutter Free

Home Care East Point, GA: Safely Aging in Place

Home Care East Point, GA: Safely Aging in Place

The number one safety issue faced by seniors who live in their own homes is the risk of falling. Falling can be quite serious or even deadly for seniors. Seniors can trip on piles of books, fall over while trying to clean up papers or magazines, or slip and fall on slippery floors in the kitchen or bathroom. A care provider can regularly tidy up the house and remove any potential fall hazards like books stacked on the floor, clothing on the floor, piles of papers, or other debris. By making sure seniors have a clear path all through the house a care provider can significantly lower the chances that your senior parent will fall at home. 

Pointing Out Potential Safety Hazards

An experience caregiver who has providing home care assistance for years can help you and your senior loved one make the house safer by pointing out potential hazards and suggesting things that you can do to fix them. For example, a care provider might suggest removing all area rugs and replacing them with soft carpeting so that your senior loved one is less likely to trip. But if they do trip and fall the carpet would offer some padding to help lessen the injury. They might also suggest that you install floor level LED sensor lights in the hallways or on the stairs so that the lights would come on automatically when your senior loved one walks by. Better lighting can help prevent falls. A care provider can be a valuable asset helping you make sure your senior parent’s home is as safe as possible. 

Doing The Heavy Lifting

Home care assistance can include help with household chores that involve moving heavy objects like the vacuum cleaner or bucket of water for mopping. Laundry is another chore that involves a lot of heavy lifting. When your senior loved one doesn’t have to try and do these tough chores on their own they will be safer at home. 

Providing 24 Hour Home Care

Nighttime is usually the most dangerous time for seniors. Seniors may slip and fall trying to clean up or shower before bed. Or they could fall getting out of bed in the middle of the night. A care provider that is with your senior parent at night can help them stay safe throughout the night and provide companionship too.

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Becky Back