Gain the Right Tools to Help Your Mom Age at Home

Your mom’s determined to live in her home. However, she fell recently and it’s making you question if that’s really feasible. With the right tools, aging at home is completely possible and even better for your mom’s mental health. As a family caregiver, these household improvements can all help keep her safe and lower your stress.

Add Lighting

Companion Care at Home Atlanta, GA: Aging at Home

Companion Care at Home Atlanta, GA: Aging at Home

Go through your mom’s home and look for dark areas. If a room has a dark corner, put in a floor lamp. Stairs may need LED puck lights to illuminate each step. Brighter LED bulbs in light fixtures do a better job illuminating every corner of a room.

The brighter a room is, the less likely it is that your mom will stub her toe and fall. It also helps her see where pets are and makes it easier to clean.

Install Grab Bars

It’s time to add grab bars to your mom’s shower or bathtub. She needs vertical and horizontal bars inside the shower stall or shower/tub combo. She also needs a grab bar on the outside wall to hold onto while she steps out of the shower. 

Grab bars are also necessary behind and on the sides of her toilet. If she feels that she needs support while standing up or sitting down, the grab bars support her weight.

Purchase High Back Chairs

The seating in your mom’s living room or family room needs to be high enough that she can stand up without a struggle. Chairs with a high back and sturdy arms are helpful. If she enjoys having a recliner, there are models that have motors that help your mom into a standing position.

Look Into a Higher Toilet or Toilet Seat Riser

Standing up after using the toilet might be difficult for your mom. There are higher toilets available. If this would help your mom and she’s in need of a new toilet, purchase one and have it installed. 

A toilet seat riser is beneficial if she doesn’t need a new toilet. It elevates the height of the toilet seat. You could also get a riser that has built-in handles that make it easier for your mom to stand back up without losing her balance.

Respite Care Is Essential for Your Family

All family caregivers need a chance to take a break and enjoy time on their own. To make sure this is possible, arrange respite care services. With companion care at home, your mom has caregivers with her to keep her company, help her run errands, do the housework and laundry, and cook and prepare meals and snacks.

Call a companion care at home specialist and ask about respite care. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind it gives your family when you can’t be with your mom.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Companion Care at Home in Atlanta, GA please contact the caring staff at Universal Home Care And Services, Inc today.  (678) 426-2701

Becky Back