For a Senior Relying on Elder Care, a Safety Audit of Their Home Could Be Another Step to Reduce Accidents

How safe is your home right now? Most of us will likely say, ‘Pretty safe,’ right? After all, no one would want to live in an unsafe environment. Not if they had anything to say (or do) about it. Yet we could probably go visit your home and find several, many even dozens, of things that would counter that claim.

Several safety hazards you never even considered to be risk factors.

What about an aging senior in your life? Maybe it’s a grandparent, your mother or father, a stepparent, sibling, or a

Elder Care Carrollton, GA: Senior Safety

friend. What kind of safety issues might you find if you were to conduct a ‘safety audit’ at their home?

There are often more risks for seniors than younger, stronger adults.

By the time you hit your 40s or 50s, you probably started noticing the changes in your body. You couldn’t run as fast or as far. Or perhaps you could, but it was taking your body longer to recover than it did in your 20s or 30s.

That’s how nature moves. The older (and wiser) we get, the more we struggle with physical tasks. It’s one of the great ironies in life, but what we need to focus on is the safety of aging loved ones, especially when they are counting on elder care.

What differences might you find in someone relying on elder care?

The aging person could be facing chronic health issues. She may be recovering from a medical emergency. Or he might have suffered injuries in a slip and fall. Or perhaps this elderly family member or friend is simply having trouble doing the things they used to take for granted.

When there is a senior in your life whom you care about, think about their safety. Depending on an elder care provider is a great step in the right direction, but safety isn’t guaranteed.

Grab bars and a shower seat, for example, could be great additions to reduce the risk of falling while bathing. Making sure all the light bulbs are working can improve illumination in the home, thus reducing shadows and the risk of taking a bad step in the dark.

You can find an experienced safety expert to audit a senior’s home, or view things from the elderly loved one’s perspective, evaluate each room, and make adjustments as needed. Don’t wait until an accident occurs to focus on safety. Even if the senior hasn’t fallen or been hurt doesn’t mean their home is safe. When elder care is a consideration, safety is already an issue.

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Becky Back