Five Tips for Helping Your Senior Deal with Hotter Weather

As the weather warms up, your senior may need to make some small adjustments in order to stay safe in the heat. These ideas can help her to plan her day both efficiently and safely while also ensuring that she is able to enjoy the warmer weather a bit.

Stay Out of Direct Sunlight Outdoors

Senior Care Austell, GA: Dealing With Hotter Weather

When your senior goes outside, help her to avoid staying in direct sunlight for more than a couple of minutes. This is especially important in the middle of the day, since that’s when the sun’s rays will be most potentially damaging for her. Sitting in the shade is much cooler and helps her to avoid burns.

Keep Rooms Darker Inside

Inside the house, it helps to keep rooms a little bit darker than during spring and fall. Keep the window shades closed or at least only open a little bit. Blinds can be used to deflect heat, while still letting in a bit of natural light. Leaving windows completely bare will let a lot of heat in, and that’s something you want to avoid.

Go with Lighter Meals

Cooking when it’s already hot outside can feel like torture. That’s why cooler, lighter meals are a much better idea. They can settle easier in your senior’s stomach, too, which may help her to continue to eat during hot weather.

Offer Plenty of Hydrating Drinks

Hydrating drinks are more important than ever when the weather is hot. Water is usually best, but not everyone loves the taste of plain, cool water. Unsweetened iced herbal teas can be a fantastic option. Avoid caffeinated and sweetened beverages, since those can actually make dehydration a little worse.

Schedule Physical Activity Carefully

It’s great if your elderly family member plans to get or to stay active, but it’s important to schedule periods of physical activity carefully. Your senior should stick to moving more in the morning or in the evening. Being more physically active raises body temperature, and if she’s exercising at the hottest parts of the day that can become overwhelming very quickly.

It’s also important to check in with your senior frequently during hotter weather, especially if she lives on her own. You might want to consider getting extra help for her, too. Senior care providers can assist with a variety of needs while also helping to make sure that your senior is safe and happy during the hottest months.

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Becky Back