Five Times Home Health Care Is Beneficial for Your Senior

There are some big differences between elder care and home health care, and they can be difficult to understand at times. Knowing when home health care services are the best choice for your elderly family member can help you to understand when that’s the type of assistance that she really needs. In general, this type of care is designed to help your senior to recover from a health issue as much as she can.

She’s Recently Had a Fall

Home Health Care Atlanta, GA: Home Health Care and Seniors

Home Health Care Atlanta, GA: Home Health Care and Seniors

After a fall, it’s vital to understand what caused the fall in order to help your senior avoid another one. Underlying health issues as well as changes your senior might not have fully noticed, like changes in balance and muscle strength, are big contributing factors. Working with home health care providers can help your senior to improve the issues that led to her fall.

She’s Learning to Manage a New Diagnosis

A new diagnosis can be scary, especially when the health issue is a big one, like heart disease or diabetes. When that new health condition increases the number of health issues she’s managing, your senior may need additional help. Working with skilled nursing providers in her own home can help your elderly family member to get a better handle on what’s going on.

She’s Having Trouble Managing Medications

Remembering to take medications properly is a crucial part of your elderly family member’s health management. Home health care providers can help your senior to adopt better routines around taking medication so that she doesn’t miss anything. Once she’s got a system, she may find that her health conditions are a lot less bothersome for her.

She’s Been Spending a Lot of Time at the Hospital

Often seniors need a lot of extra help when they’ve been spending a lot of time at the hospital. This can happen because lying in bed for many hours a day can speed up muscle loss. If she’s also dealing with balance issues, medication side effects, and other health issues, then your elderly family member may feel incredibly rocky when she’s released from the hospital. Physical therapy and other assistance can help her to recover more quickly. 

She’s Having a Lot of Trouble Eating

Another common issue for seniors is difficulty eating, which can be caused by a variety of different issues. Occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other specialists can help your elderly family member to learn what skills she needs to learn in order to eat safely. This can be absolutely crucial in helping your senior to regain her strength, too.

Home health care providers can bring in a variety of different specialists and therapists to help your senior in the areas that are causing problems for her. Their goal is to help her to become as strong and independent as possible so that she can continue to have the best quality of life that she can have. They’ve got a lot of ground to cover, but they can make your senior’s life both easier and safer.

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Becky Back