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Few Ways to Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s Enjoy the Holiday Season

Few Ways to Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s Enjoy the Holiday Season

The different flurry of activities the holiday season brings — such as changes in daily routine, conversations with extended family, and participation in annual traditions — can be very stressful for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Universal Home Care And Services Inc. has four tips for you to help your older adults including you feel more relaxed and enjoy the fun of the holiday season.

  • Reduce your own stress
    Usually, seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia are sensitive to other people’s mood and feelings. If you feel stressed and anxious, they’ll more likely get stressed and agitated, too. It’s a vicious cycle. The difficult behaviors brought by stress to seniors will make you more stressed.

  • Plan in advance to adjust family traditions
    As a home health care provider, we know the fact that caregiving responsibilities can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when you want to do everything and look for ways to make it work for the older adults. The best way to deal with it is to minimize everyone’s stress by paring down and just focusing on the most meaningful holiday traditions.

  • Let seniors participate in the preparations
    Allowing seniors to be involved in the preparation for the coming holiday season will help them feel included and will familiarize them with the upcoming festivities. You can focus on their strengths and let them do small tasks. They will feel useful and be happily occupied while you work on other things.
  • Minimize holiday decorations
    Moderate decorations are the best way to make your home oriented. You can put on cheerful items that bring back memories and are important to family traditions. Being a home care agency in Georgia that always advocates for seniors’ safety, we would like to suggest that you avoid using too much clutter, décor, or twinkling lights because it can cause overstimulation and disorientation.

We are a provider of home health care in Douglasville, Georgia whose forte is caring for seniors.

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