Explore the Different Ways In-Home Care Assists Your Dad After a Fall

Every minute across the U.S., around 60 adults aged 65 or older fall. Those falls can lead to severe injuries, including bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and cuts that require stitches. After one fall, it’s essential to take steps to prevent another fall.

In-home care aides offer the help you need in keeping your dad from falling again. Take a closer look at the ways they can help him.

Help With Ambulation

In-Home Care Douglasville, GA: Seniors and Falls

In-Home Care Douglasville, GA: Seniors and Falls

Ambulation assistance helps your dad walk around his home. He has someone to support him as he goes up and down his stairs or walks from his bedroom to the bathroom or from the living room to the bathroom, etc.

That’s one aspect of ambulation. It’s also there to help your dad stand up after he’s been sitting on a chair or sofa. When he gets out of bed, his caregiver is there to support him until he gains his balance.

When he steps in and out of the shower, his caregiver’s there to lend a hand. You don’t want him to slip and fall in the bathroom. It’s one of the more dangerous places in the home due to the hard surfaces like the toilet, tile floors, and vanities.

Meal Preparation

While your dad’s injuries heal, he cannot stand for long. He’ll need a stool to sit on in the kitchen or help cooking his meals. A caregiver can prepare his meals and snacks. If he wants to help out, he has that help, but he can recover at his pace and have the foods he needs to heal.

If your dad needs groceries, his caregiver can pick them up. Or, he’ll have someone available to take him shopping and help carry bags. They’ll work on weekly menus together, and he has his caregiver’s help building a shopping list as they do that.

Caregivers clean your dad’s home for him while he’s recovering. They will dust, vacuum, sweep, clean counters and surfaces, and tidy up. They can make his bed, change his sheets, swap the towels for fresh ones, and do all of the laundry.


Your dad has follow-up care with his doctor. He also has to work with a physical therapist. He’s not able to drive right now due to a cast or some injury related to his fall. You can’t keep taking time off work to drive him. Hire an in-home care aide for transportation.

His caregiver can accompany him into his appointments if he needs help with doors and elevator buttons. When he’s done, his caregiver can drive him home and stop at a store or pharmacy if he needs anything.

In-home care services not only help your dad as he regains strength after his fall, but his caregivers boost his confidence. Learn more about in-home care by talking to an advisor about your dad’s home life and health.

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Becky Back