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Exercises for Seniors Diabetes

Exercises for Seniors Diabetes

Seniors with diabetes should engage in more physical activities. It is an important component in managing diabetes. If seniors stay physically fit, they will be able to control their blood glucose level more efficiently which can lessen the various symptoms associated with diabetes. At Universal Home Care And Services, Inc., together with our caregivers and home health aides, we will develop diabetes care management especially for you.

Here are our recommended exercises for seniors with diabetes:

  • Dancing
    It is a form of exercise that helps you lose weight. When you manage your weight, you can enhance the way your body produces and responds to insulin.
  • Doing Yoga
    As you age, you need to need to put extra effort in taking care of yourself. You need to take up exercises and activities that don’t put extra pressure on your knees, legs, and back. Yoga is the best example of this. Yoga is considered a low-impact aerobic exercise that can help seniors with diabetes lower their risks of nerve damage, among other health issues. Your home health care provider can prepare yoga exercises to improve your health.
  • Walking
    It is the simplest exercise you can do to improve your blood sugar level. Walking on a regular basis can help improve your blood sugar levels and alleviate some symptoms of diabetes. Walking can help blood sugar levels get back to normal. As a home care agency in Georgia, we encourage our seniors to increase the amount of walking they do especially when they engage in daily activities.

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