Examples of Ways Companion Care Aides Support Your Dad

What is companion care at home? Have you ever wondered how home care assists your dad with the services he needs to maintain independence? Here are some of the ways companion care aides can help out.

He Has a Caregiver to Do the Laundry and Housework

Companion Care at Home Douglasville, GA: Companion Care Aides

Companion Care at Home Douglasville, GA: Companion Care Aides

Your dad’s medications have one troublesome side effect. They make him drowsy. Because of this side effect, your dad has a hard time getting things done around the house. He’s okay doing some chores, but he tires easily and never completes the things on his list.

Hire a caregiver to help out. His caregiver can do the laundry, wash dishes, and vacuum the carpets. He has a caregiver to wipe down counters, sinks, and faucet handles. His companion care aides can also make his bed, change his sheets and towels, and put things away when they’re clean, dry, and folded.

He Never Learned How to Cook

Your dad never learned how to cook. He relied on your mom. Now, he uses services that deliver meals from local restaurants. While he’s eating, he’s choosing pizza, fast food, and Chinese takeout every day. He’s not getting the right nutrients.

Your dad’s doctor said his blood pressure is too high and he needs to change his diet. If he can’t cook healthy meals, companion care aides can spend time with him each day to learn more about what he wants to eat. They’ll prepare meals and snacks that match his dietary needs.

He’s Fallen in His Garden

Your dad loves to garden, but he fell when he was alone and couldn’t get back up. Someone drove by and saw him on the ground. Hire caregivers to help your dad in the garden.

He won’t be alone when he’s in his garden. If he falls down, his caregiver is there to help him get back up. His caregiver also reminds him to drink water throughout the afternoon, makes sure he takes breaks, and reminds him when it’s time to apply more sunscreen.

His Doctor Told Him to Stop Driving

Your dad’s doctor said your dad needs to stop driving. His vision is worsening and driving isn’t safe. He might have slowed reaction times that prevent him from safely operating a vehicle. Medications, health, and muscle and joint pain all impact how safe it is to drive a car.

If your dad is worried about not being able to go out, hire caregivers to drive him around. His caregiver can take him shopping, accompany him on outings to area attractions, and take him to his appointments.

He Doesn’t Like to Eat Alone

Your dad hates eating alone. If he’s alone, he’ll snack on things but not eat an entire meal unless he has company. Hire caregivers to join him at the dining room table to ensure he’s eating meals that meet his nutritional requirements.

Talk to a companion care at home specialist about these and other services that help your dad maintain independence while aging at home. The advisor helps you figure out the best care plan for your dad’s needs and budget. Learn more about companion care at home by calling an agency today.

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Becky Back