Foods Seniors Should Eat After Having a Stroke

Home Care Austell, GA: Seniors and Strokes

After your senior mom or dad has a stroke, you may be wondering what the best ways are to take care of them. Strokes can be concerning, and you will want to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Although there is no way to truly control when a senior is having a stroke, you may…

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Learn About Delirium in the Elderly Today

Home Care Villa Rica, GA: Delirium in the Elderly

It is a baffling condition to come to understand and manage. Those who are prone to Delirium are older adults, our in-home care professionals have gathered the following information that will help you recognize and appropriately react if you think you might be dealing with delirium potentially in someone you love. What Exactly is Delirium?…

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Tips For Keeping Seniors Healthy In The Summer Heat

Home Care Carrollton, GA: Summer Heat

Every season brings unique challenges when it comes to personal care for seniors. Skin care especially can be difficult in the summer heat. But it’s very important for seniors to keep their skin healthy. Small sores and cuts can become infected and lead to more serious health problems pretty quickly. And changes in skin can…

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Examples of Ways Companion Care Aides Support Your Dad

Companion Care at Home Douglasville, GA: Companion Care Aides

What is companion care at home? Have you ever wondered how home care assists your dad with the services he needs to maintain independence? Here are some of the ways companion care aides can help out. He Has a Caregiver to Do the Laundry and Housework Your dad’s medications have one troublesome side effect. They…

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Is Your Senior More Distracted Behind the Wheel than You Realize?

In-Home Care Villa Rica, GA: Seniors and Driving

This April for National Distracted Driving Awareness Month it’s a good idea to talk to your senior about what distracted driving is and how it might impact her life. Distracted driving is a big deal for people of all ages, but there are other ramifications for seniors. Often those consequences can involve losing a driver’s…

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Recommendations for Pneumonia At-Home Care

Does your elderly loved one have pneumonia? If so, you may want to know some of the at-home care pneumonia treatment recommendations. The first thing to note is that your elderly loved one may have medications they need to take. If that is the case, you or elder care providers should be there to help…

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How Do You Find an Effective, Safe Exercise Program for Your Mom?

Your mom fell and broke her arm. To prevent additional falls, her medical team suggests making sure she’s increasing her activity to work with muscle strength, balance, and stamina. How do you find the best exercise program for her that won’t raise her fall risk even more? Ask Her Doctor Never let your mom start…

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4 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Quality Of Life

January is International Quality of Life Month and it’s a great time to focus on making sure that your senior loved ones have the best possible qualify of life. Often when caring for senior loved ones family caregivers focus on the medical health of their senior parents and don’t really think about their quality of…

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Osteoporosis Pain Management Tips for the Elderly

There are different conditions that can cause pain in the elderly. One of the common conditions is called osteoporosis. When someone has this condition, they have an increased risk of fracturing or breaking a bone. The reason for this is because the pain can make the person weak and off balance. If your elderly loved…

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Core Strengthening Tips for Senior Citizens

Has your elderly loved one been working out at all? They don’t need a gym membership or an intense workout program. However, it might help to share the benefits of a core-strengthening workout with your elderly loved one. Research shows that as people get older they lose muscle, especially in their core. When this happens,…

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