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Brain-Damaging Habits for Seniors

Brain-Damaging Habits for Seniors

Our brain has the most important function in all of our body organs. Hence, as human beings, we should take care of its health to avoid any complication in the future. As a home health care provider, we know some unhealthy habits for your brain that you should stop immediately.

Universal Home Care And Services, Inc., has listed some brain-damaging habits. Here are a few of them:

  • Sleep Deprivation
    It’s a fact that when you have less sleep, your alertness and cognitive performance will decline drastically. Moreover, people who have not received enough sleep are at a higher risk of depression, anxiety, an inability to accurately register other people’s emotions. As your home care agency in Georgia, we believe that sleep is a great factor for a good health.
  • Working while sick
    When the body feels sick or unwell, the best thing to do for your brain is to slow down, take it easy, eat well, and rest as much as possible—basically the opposite of going to work. If you care for your health, especially your brain’s health, then take it easy and stay at home.
  • Skipping breakfast
    When you skip breakfast, your already low blood sugar will decrease into even lower levels. It will starve the brain of the essential nutrients, thus, forcing it to run on emergency mode which is not good for your brain. This will result in impaired concentration, imbalanced emotion, and poor memory.

We are a home health care in Douglasville, Georgia that provides care to people across Georgia. Our caregivers and home health aides are well-versed and well-trained. We encourage you to quit these brain-damaging activities and start following healthy habits and lifestyle.

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