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Yoga Benefits for Seniors

Yoga is for everyone. The key for seniors is picking the right type of yoga and knowing what they can or cannot do. Universal Home Care And Services Inc., your home care agency in Georgia, promotes these engaging activities.   Restorative yoga provides many health benefits, both physically and psychologically. It is also a great … Continue reading

Autumn-Safety Tips for the Elderly

August is almost over, which means the autumn season is just around the corner. For those of you aging alone in your home, autumn can be a difficult season to go through. There are lots of preparations to be done. Prepare for autumn by following this checklist. Avoid the flu. Get vaccinated If you’re over … Continue reading

Comfort in Hard Times

Life can be hard. That is just the way it is sometimes. But there are times when life can be much harder than average and can even seem unfair sometimes. A person can live their life virtuously and take absolute care of their bodies. But that doesn’t stop them from having to find a home … Continue reading

Tasks Only a Skilled Nurse Can Do Effectively

Seniors would love it if their loved ones will personally take care of them. It can also give you a different kind of satisfaction if you’ve taken care of an elderly loved one on your own. However, if time constraints get in the way of you doing hands-on care, it’s wise to hire a skilled … Continue reading

Awesome Ways Expert Caregivers Can Help Your Seniors

Yes, you’re probably thinking about taking care of your beloved elderly parents at home on your own as a sign of giving back. But if time doesn’t allow you to do so, it’s equally good to hire a provider of personal home health care in Douglasville, Georgia to care for your senior loved ones. Here … Continue reading