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How to Keep Elders Healthy While Sheltered at Home

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As the world faces this global pandemic, the government asks people to stay safe and shelter themselves at home, especially the vulnerable citizens like the children and seniors. Isolation at home will be the usual situation, until such a time when a vaccine or a cure can be discovered.

Since most people are staying at home, seniors, particularly, may feel unenergized because of the isolation. Hence, here’s what they can do at home with the supervision of their home health care provider.

  • Keep them moving.

    They can do exercises at home and even join online groups for aerobics or Zumba classes if there are any. These are fun activities that the elderly will surely enjoy as long as they do not work out more than what is allowed for their age and conditions.

  • Get fresh air and sunlight, if possible.

    A caregiver can take them every morning on the terrace if sunlight is adequate, or in the garden to get some fresh air.

  • Feed them healthy food.

    Care providers from a home care agency in Georgia can prepare daily meals to keep our elders healthy and nourished.

  • Observe sanitation even at home.

    A sitter can keep a daily routine for bathing and grooming, as well as handwashing to keep the elderly clean and away from bacteria and viruses.

When you need a helping hand in taking care of your elderly loved ones, Universal Home Care And Services, Inc. can provide solutions for their home care needs. We offer reliable and compassionate home health care in Douglasville, Georgia, that you can always trust. For your inquiries, please call us at 678-426-2701.

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